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Testing Sites

COVID-19 mobile testing sites are operating in counties across the state. As providers across the state continue to increase testing, DHEC wants to make sure South Carolinians know where they can go to get tested. The mobile testing clinic webpage provides real-time information to help you locate where testing is happening right now, in your community.

All listed DHEC mobile and popup testing clinics are free. DHEC screening and specimen collections are free for anyone and are part of our ongoing efforts to increase testing in underserved and rural communities across the state.

Locations are continuously being added as information is provided. 

Find a COVID-19 Mobile Testing location near you.
DHEC’s website also contains a list that is intended to help provide information of known locations of various COVID-19 test sampling sites. Inclusion on the list does not constitute endorsement by DHEC. There may be additional sites that offer test sampling that are not included. The status of listed sites are subject to change (may no longer perform COVID-19 testing services).
Find a non-mobile COVID-19 Testing Site near you



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