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Manufacturing Spotlight

LaPorte's Products – Dorchester County

In March, LaPorte's Products in Dorchester County was busy manufacturing boat covers and shades for the marine industry. When COVID-19 began spreading across the country and personal protective equipment (PPE) became hard to access, owner Darren LaPorte knew his homegrown company could answer the call to help.

"We quickly realized the water resistant, spandex-like material we use for our boat shades would be a favorable fabric for non-medical face masks," said LaPorte. "Within days, we created our design, trained our team and started producing."

The company is now making 500 to 700 face masks a day and selling them online to the public and to larger organizations. Plans are currently in the works to produce even more.

"The fortunate thing is we’re able to do this. We had the tools and resources on hand to be able to assemble these essentials," said LaPorte. "At the end of the day, we’re helping the cause, keeping our doors open and helping other organizations do the same by providing these masks."

LaPortes Products is just one of hundreds of South Carolina companies retooling manufacturing operations to serve today’s medical needs.



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