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Recycling Spotlight

Recycling Spotlight: Mumford Industries, Inc. – Greenwood County

Mumford Industries Inc., one of the Southeast leaders in providing recycling and reprocessing services to manufacturers and distribution centers, has helped fill the gap for protective coverings by producing upcycled emergency ponchos for those serving on the front lines during the national COVID-19 pandemic.

The company, located in Ninety Six, S.C., responded to the urgency by pivoting its operation to produce plastic emergency ponchos, which are liquid and puncture resistant and made from unused, upcycled scrap plastic film.

"We have worked quickly to get this production in place to fill the gap for healthcare workers and maintenance people, as well as those who work directly with the public and will be going back to work shortly," said company president George Mumford. "We are more than pleased to be able to contribute — we are humbled by the opportunity."

Thanks to Mumford Industries Inc., for answering the call for help for our state and nation during this historic COVID-19 pandemic.



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